Introducing the North Star Blog!

Hello! This is officially the first post of the North Star Blog. We are very excited to start this blog, which will be a forum for sharing some of the amazing things that North Star members produce within the broader North Star community. Our goal is to highlight some of the many talents that the teens possess, whether they are utilizing said talents at North Star or somewhere else. We hope this will include everything from serialized novels, to poetry, to short films, and everything in between. Some of these posts may be focused upon current social issues, others on pop culture.


Submissions will be subjected to a brief editing process; this is to ensure that content does not conflict with North Star’s general community agreements, but posts will remain expressive of the views and opinions of their creators. This blog is not limited to North Star members. Everyone is encouraged to share, even wider community members: staff, friends, and family. Check back in the coming weeks for the first posts! And if you would like to contribute, submissions and questions can be sent to or We are very excited to get this project underway and to see what everyone has to share!


Raffi & Dan