Lisa Moore

Lisa Moore

by Lisa Moore, Extended Staff and Alumni Parent

My children have moved on from North Star, but I’m still here. 

I have been teaching a Mindfulness course at North Star for the past five years and I just can’t seem to stop. At the beginning of every semester, I ask myself if I will continue and the answer is always yes. Why do I keep coming back?

Of course I think that North Star provides a necessary service for area teens and their families that need support in leaving traditional school. And yes, Ken was so supportive and reassuring throughout our homeschool experience. But I’m still here because I am not done homeschooling.

I went to traditional school and it was fine…just fine. If you went to traditional school, then you know what I mean. I learned what I was taught and I did what was expected of me. But as I look at the lives my children are having, I now know that traditional education is not enough. It never was and it never will never be. 

If I had had a North Star, I would know the freedom of making an original mistake instead of learning to color within the lines. I would have known the difference between what I like and don’t like instead of what others prefer. I would have said “no” and meant it, and said “yes,” and meant it instead of saying mostly “yes.” I would have weeded through literature, found my favorites and read some real “dogs” instead of having to read the “classics” of my time. I would have met leaders instead of knowing only those people who follow another’s lead. I would have found myself instead of burying who I am under blankets of other people’s expectations.

But luckily my own education still continues. I homeschooled my children, and while they were learning to color outside the lines, saying “no” when they mean “no” and “yes” when they mean “yes,” meeting other people following their passion and reading what they liked, I tagged along. And it is this experience, and the feelings that they have given me that invite me to walk through the doors of North Star each and every Thursday morning. As I said, I’m just not done.