North Star charges a membership fee.  We do not receive any state or federal funding and rely on our fees and significant fundraising in order to provide our services and program. North Star is committed to working with every interested family, regardless of their ability to pay our full fee. Donate Here to support this mission.

All Memberships Include:

  • Advisory Relationship with North Star Core Staff Member

  • Beginning, Middle, and End-of-the-Year Family Meetings with North Star Staff

  • Development of a family homeschooling plan and a personal life plan

  • Group Classes at North Star

  • One-on-One Meetings or Tutorials with North Star Staff

  • Use of North Star space for socializing and study

  • Invitations to all trips and special workshops

  • Support to design and complete private academic projects and curricula

  • Support to find volunteer work, jobs, and internships outside of North Star

  • Support to find classes and activities outside of North Star

  • Long-term support for alumni teens and families

Full-Time Membership (3-4 days per week): $8,200

Part-Time Membership (2 days per week): $6,000

Limited Membership (1 day per week): $3,250

North Star Billing Systems

North Star uses a billing company, TADS, to collect fees from its members. TADS will only collect fees by ACH Bank Transfers or by check. TADS staff will contact each North Star family to set up these payments.

TADS fees

$0 for families paying in one or two installments. This is North Star’s preferred method for payments.

$45 one-time setup fee for families paying in ten or twelve monthly installments.

Fee Reductions

North Star’s Board of Directors and Staff remain committed to making North Star available to all interested families. When necessary, families are invited to use installment plans to spread out the payments as needed. We also invite families who cannot pay the full fee to make a proposal for Fee Reduction. In general, the maximum amount of Fee Reduction will be $2,500 per year; however, families seeking further assistance can meet with our Board of Directors' Fee Reduction Committee to discuss options. No family has ever been turned away from North Star for lack of ability to pay the fees.


North Star understands that the specific days that a teen comes to North Star may change over time. We understand that teens may occasionally want to participate in a workshop or special activity on a day that they do not normally come to North Star. Please let us know when this occurs, and feel welcome to attend. In addition, we invite everyone to come as many days as they would like during the first few weeks of his or her membership in order to make informed choices for a long-term schedule. We also expect that some members may change their selected membership level during the course of the year.

Pro-Rated Fees and Refunds

North Star has established a formal chart for pro-rating the fee for members joining or withdrawing in the middle of the year.  Please contact the Executive Director for this information.