Thank you for checking out our wish list!

If you have any of the items listed at home and would like to donate them, or if you would like to make a purchase especially for North Star, please contact Jodi.

General Wish List


Laptop computer(s)

Computer tablet(s)

Rice cooker (five cup capacity)

3-D printer

Graduated cylinders

USB-C to USB dongle

Portable dry erase boards

Keyless entry system

Alarm system

White noise machine

Outdoor mats for entrances

Outdoor furniture

Room-darkening shades

Rugs and carpets 

Sound proofing materials for walls and floors

House plants

Perennial garden plants

Landscaping materials 

Decorative pillows

IKEA gift cards

Quality basketball hoop

Guitar strings

Drum skins



Stand or hand-held mixer

Immersion blender

New kitchen faucet

Kitchen cabinets 

Dinner knives

Grocery store gift cards for lunch and bread class supplies


Paving of our parking lot

Handy person


If you have any of these items in good condition, or any of these skills to offer, please get in touch!


Renters for our building (evenings, weekends, summer)

An endowment